Impact Factor Information

East African Journal of Science and Technology is indexed in International Scientific Indexing (ISI). The Journal has Impact Factor Value of 2.671 based on International Citation Report (ICR) for the year 2023-2024.

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Peer Review Process

1.1. Submission and Initial Check

Upon receiving a manuscript, our editorial team conducts an initial check to ensure compliance with East Africa Journal of Sciences and Technology's guidelines. This involves verifying proper formatting, adherence to ethical standards, subject the manuscript to Plagiarism Checker Software (Turnitin) alignment with the journal's scope. Manuscripts meeting these criteria proceed to the peer review stage.

1.2. Peer Review

Two qualified experts in the relevant field are invited to review the manuscript. Our peer review process is double-blind, where details of the reviewer and author are anonymity. Reviewers evaluate the novelty, manuscript's methodology, results, and conclusions, providing constructive feedback to the authors through editorial office. The editor then uses this feedback to make an informed decision on the manuscript.

1.3. Editorial Decision

Based on the reviewers' comments, the editor decides whether to accept, reject, or request revisions for the manuscript. Authors receive comprehensive feedback to guide them in enhancing the quality and clarity of their work.

1.4. Revisions (if required)

Authors are given the opportunity to address reviewers' comments and make revisions. This iterative process may involve multiple rounds of revision to ensure the manuscript meets the East Africa journal of Science and Technology's standards.

1.5.  Final Decision and Publication

Once the revisions are complete, the editor makes a final decision. Accepted manuscripts undergo final production stages for publication, ensuring accuracy, clarity, and adherence to the East Africa journal of Science and Technology's style guidelines.