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East African Journal of Science and Technology.



EAJST (Online Version) ISSN: 2227-1902 serves as Scientific Review under University of Lay Adventists of Kigali, UNILAK, from 2004 for Printed version only.

EAJST is an international journal that does bimonthly publishes in English significant original research papers, and does high quality reviews of recent advances in all fields of Environmental Sciences – including Water Pollution, Soil Degradation, Geography, Agronomy, Mineralogy and Petrology, Economic Environment, Geology, Ecology, Climate Change, Engineering, Hydrogeology, Marine Geology, Geophysics and Geochemistry, all fields of Management; Economics, Engineering, Computer science and Technology, Demography, Rural Development, etc.

The Article Categories include Technical Papers, Case Studies, Comments, Reviews and Discussions. Selected Color Figures of accepted papers will be printed free of cost in color in the Journal.

EAJST also provides gratis reprints and complimentary journal copy. Open access to full text of all articles published in EAJST is provided here.

In addition, you can Subscibe to the EAJST and stand to have your articles published in issues of the EAJST.

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Vol. 13 (2023): 13volume, 1issue
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